Azure key vaults

2 min readSep 4, 2020


Azure Key Vault is secrets management platform which provides a secure repository to keys, secrets, and certificates. It provides deep integration with other services in the Azure, and offers a highly secure repository for your most sensitive data.

Azure Key Vault enables developers to create the keys for development and testing in minutes, and they can further migrate this setup seamlessly onto the production environment.

The centralized key store/vault can be securely managed by the Key Vault owner who manages permissions to this key store and would be responsible for keeping the secrets secure.

Sensitive Date Categories

Keys: These are the cryptographic keys which are most often used by other Azure services. For example, say you want to write data to Azure Storage, and you want to encrypt it. Such highly sensitive encryption codes can be stored as the keys.

Secrets: These include sensitive information that application might need during the run time such as SQL database connection strings and other connections string such as Azure Storage, Redis Cache, etc. that the application is using.

Certificates: The certificates that are used for HTTP/SSL communication is a good example. These certificates consist of private and public keys, and such values should be stored securely.

Setting up a secret for azure storage account in Azure Key Vault

1.In Azure portal search for Key Vault and Go to Key Vault dashboard and Click on Add.

When you go to created Key Vault you can get some confidential information in the Over view.

2. Create Secrets

In the value field copy the connection string of your created storage account.You can get the connection string of your created storage account in access keys under the settings.

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